Staff Culture

Summer Camp SQ has a fantastic staff culture that we share together.   This culture provides guardrails that define acceptable staff member behaviour. Our team culture is defined in the following set of attitudes/behaviours that highlight what the team values as we work together:

Make it Better | How can I add to what is happening to make it better?

Take it Personally | How am I taking responsibility for the objective & goals of the expedition?

Collaborate | How am I collaborating with other staff for positive outcomes?

Replace Yourself | How am I sharing my skills with someone else?

Stay Fit | How am I staying fit Spiritually, Physically, Socially, Mentally?

Remain Open Handed | How open am I to innovation, change and suggestions?

(Taken from Andy Stanley’s Church leadership team)

Staff Culture Covenant

We hope this has helped you determine whether Summer Camp SQ is the right fit for you. If you apply and are accepted as a staff member you will be asked to sign a covenant to abide by our staff team culture.