Parent FAQs

Sending your child to Summer Camp SQ is a big decision for any parent. Particularly if it is your first time doing so. We have provided a list of common questions asked by parents that might help alleviate any questions or anxiety you might have about sending your child to camp.

Who will care for my child while on camp?

All campers are assigned to a cabin group of up to 8 campers. There are 2 cabin leaders assigned to each group and they will be there to ensure your child will have a fantastic and safe time at camp. Cabin leaders receive training for their role and at least one or both cabin leaders are 18+ years of age. We also have a Boys Director and Girls Director who are responsible for ensuring Cabin Leaders are doing their roles appropriately. They also offer advice and support to both Cabin Leaders and Campers should they require it.

Does Summer Camp SQ take safety for campers seriously?

Safety of campers is a core priority for us and our staff members. We do risk assessments on our activities and ensure that activities are run at a high standard. We have qualified staff where it is required to do so and appropriate insurance in place. Camper safety is our paramount priority as you would expect of us.

What should I do if my email or address changes or my child’s health information changes after we have already registered our child?

Please remember to notify us to make any necessary changes by calling our Youth Department Events Co-ordinator Anita Thew 07 3218 7777 or via email We will be communicating by email prior to and during your camper’s time at camp and if we don’t have your email address listed correctly you will miss out on any announcements.

How can I get my child to camp?

You can choose to drop off and pick up your child yourself to Camp Somerset. 1180 Stanley Pocket Road, CROSSDALE QLD. [Google Maps] Or have them catch the Summer Camp SQ buses.

Where do buses depart & drop off from? Where do I find a bus schedule?

My child is attending camp with a friend and they want to be cabin mates. Is that possible?

When you register your child for camp you will be able to make a request for your child to be in the same cabin as their friend. We do our best to accommodate all the requests but on some occasions it’s not possible. In that case your child will still get to spend time with their friends during the day and they will also have the great opportunity to make new friends with the people in their cabin group. Once we have finalised cabin allocations they will not be changed!

Which camp can I send my child too?

To make the Summer Camp SQ experience the best we can, we have grouped our camp sessions by age because of the differing physical and emotional levels of each age group.

  • Junior Camps are designed for year 4-6 students.
  • Teen Camps are designed for year 7-9 students.
  • SummerFest are designed for year 10-12 students

I’m worried that my child might get homesick. What do you in this kind of situation?

It is our goal for each camper to have a fantastic time at camp. Some children do become homesick but usually this does not become a significant hindrance to a camper’s experience. Over the last 7 years I think there has only been one child that returned home as a result of homesickness. It is our policy to try to work through homesickness by keeping campers involved and busy, and usually in this way campers begin to have so much fun that the homesickness fades. If the homesickness persists our Boys or Girls Directors may decide to call you to consult about what course of action you would like us to pursue. In most circumstances phoning home to talk with mum or dad does not help, and can actually intensify the feelings. Your camper’s growth toward independence and happiness is of the utmost importance to us, and we always do our best to balance the two.

If my camper is injured or becomes sick, when will I be notified?

Parents will be notified at the discretion of the Camp Nurse and/or Camp Director. We desire to keep parents aware of our concerns early so that they will be able to understand what has been done and plan the follow-up accordingly. You will be notified as soon as possible of any incident requiring emergency services. Minor issues of course will be cared for without notifying parents.

Camper Mail | Email

We would encourage you to send a letter to your child telling them what you appreciate about them.

The address for camper mail is:

Camper Name
1180 Stanley Pocket Road,

Alternatively you can send an email to your camper:

Please understand that printing and distributing email is a labor-intensive activity for our staff. We ask that you send no more than 2 emails over the course of Camp. The emails will be delivered daily, Tuesday -Friday, to your camper. Email submissions will not be accepted after 12:00 noon Friday. We recommend that you send your Camper “snail mail!” as they get more excited about receiving a letter in the mail.

Mail | After camper has returned home

Mail that arrives after a camper has left camp will be forwarded to the home address on file.

How do we get photos of my child’s week at camp?

Photos of camp will be made available online after camp for you to view via a link on this website. You will need to use a password that we send you to access these photos.

Do you have sponsorships available?

Currently we do not have a sponsorship program in place. In the future we would like to work towards developing a sponsorship program for those experiencing financial hardship.

What’s camp food like?

Let’s just say that your child will love the food and they definitely won’t go hungry. The food is vegetarian and we cater for those with food allergies. You must mention these allergies when you register your child for camp. Our camp caterers know how to make food both tasty (mouth-watering) and nutritious.

My child has special dietary needs. Who do I contact to discuss this with?

We cater for various dietary needs and food allergies. Please mention what they are when you register your child for camp. Should you wish to further discuss your child’s needs, please call Anita Thew our Youth Department Events Co-ordinator on 07 3218 7777.

My child lost something at camp. What do I do?

Please check to make sure you have picked up ALL of your camper’s belongings when you pick him/her up from Summer Camp SQ at Camp Somerset. Lost and found items will be on display on the Sunday of pick up.

After Camp Lost and found items are returned to the Seventh-day Adventist Church, South Queensland head office at 400 Boundary Road, SPRING HILL, QLD 4000 . You can contact our office on 07 3218 7777 and ask to speak to Anita Thew. All unclaimed items are only kept for two weeks following each week of camp. SUMMER CAMP SQ IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST ITEMS.

Do you have a medical and first aid team onsite at camp?

We usually have two nurses on site and they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all medical needs. We also have a number of senior first aid qualified people present at camp. Our nurse cares for the distribution of medications at each meal on the following basis: If a child needs to take any medication (prescription or non-prescription), the requirements are: they bring their own and place it in the care of the leaders until required.

Each item must have a label clearly stating:

  • the name and
  • strength of the medication,
  • the name of the participant,
  • the amount of each dose and
  • the interval between doses.

If it is a prescription medication it must have been issued in the name of the participant.

This ensures that the use of medication and other drugs is controlled by the leadership team. Self-administration is encouraged, however if parents wish their child to be assisted in administration of any medication (prescription or non-prescription) they must give written permission prior to the event taking place.

Assisted administration of medication must follow the procedure of:

The First Aid Coordinator/Nurse must be accompanied by another adult Team member The Team Member must check and verbally confirm:

  • The name of the participant on the label
  • The name of the medication
  • The dosage required

The Team Member must check and confirm that the dosage prescribed has been administered The First Aid Coordinator must record the name of the participant, the date and time, the name of the medication and the dose administered in the first aid register.

The record in the register must be signed off by the First Aid Coordinator and countersigned by the Team Member.

It is not permissible for the Team Leader, or any Team Member (except if the Team Leader or Team Member happens to be a registered medical practitioner), to provide/supply any medication (prescribed or commercially available over the counter) to a participant except for an approved asthma inhaler or an Epipen if these are required in an emergency. This includes pain relieving medication in all its forms.

Please ensure that the medical information that you give us at registration is accurate or let us know if there have been updates post registration and prior to camp. This is to ensure that our medical staff are able to provide appropriate care to your camper.

What should my child avoid packing?

Please do not let your child bring mobile phones, IPods, MP3 players, (Technology free is the aim). We want them to focus on building relationships with new friends rather than isolating themselves with headphones on. There’s plenty of time for them to engage in that at home. Camp is about your child building friendships and being available to talk to others and having them feel like they are available to be talked with.

Due to safety and security issues we request that jewellery be left at home. Fireworks, matches, lighters, flames of all kinds, are banned during the summer months. Drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, knives, utility tools, and weapons of any kind are not allowed.

What SHOULD my child pack?

Refer to Packing List.

What’s your refund policy?

Refunds, less a $75 processing fee, will be given until midnight 30 days prior to camp. If a cancelation request is made within 30 days prior to camp no refund will be given unless a medical certificate is produced whereupon the $75 processing fee will apply.

If I choose to drive my child to camp, what is the check-in and pick-up process?

Check-in time for campers being dropped off at Camp Somerset is from 10:00am -11:00am. Please do not arrive before 10:00am so our staff has adequate time to prepare for the new group of arriving campers. Check-out time for campers being picked up from Summer Camp SQ is from 9:00am-10:00am on Sunday.

On arrival you must proceed directly to the Camp Office. As your child’s safety is our priority, a child will only be allowed to go home with someone other than their parents if prior arrangements have been made with us. When being picked up from Summer Camp SQ, campers will only be released to persons approved by you as per prior arrangement. Any individual picking up a camper will be required to show photo ID before the camper can be released into their care. This check-out process is for your camper’s safety.

What is the check-in process and pick-up process at the bus departure and drop off points if my child has registered to travel on the bus?

Review the Bus Schedule and pick up and drop off times on this website. Please ensure you arrive early for both drop off and pick up so as not to inconvenience others by arriving late. When you pick up your child from the bus drop off area. A child will only be allowed to go home with someone other than their parents if prior arrangements have been made with us. When being picked up from Summer Camp SQ, campers will only be released to persons approved by you as per prior arrangement. Any individual picking up a camper will be required to show photo ID before the camper can be released into their care. This check-out process is for your camper’s safety.

Can I visit camp?

Your interest in Summer Camps SQ is appreciated. You are welcome to visit on opening and closing days of camp. A tour of the camp facilities will be conducted by the Camp Manager or their nominee. Parent/Guardian Tours will be conducted on the Tuesday opening day of camp or on Sunday the closing day of camp. These 1hr tours depart from the Camp office at 10am. If you wish to book a tour please contact Penny on 07 5426 0126 or via email to reserve your place.

What’s the weather like?

Summer days are generally hot & humid with the odd tropical downpour. So we encourage the wearing of T-Shirts and being sun smart. Nights can be delightfully cool. Trees provide shade for the cabins which are nestled on a ridge overlooking Somerset Dam.

If I need to make contact with Summer Camp SQ while my child is at camp, how can I do that?

You can call the Summer Camp SQ camp office 07 5426 0148

Or send us an email