Camper FAQs

So you are all excited about coming to camp. Here’s some common questions we get from campers that might answer some of your questions.

So who looks after us at camp?

All campers are assigned to a cabin group of up to 8 campers. There are 2 cabin leaders assigned to each group and they will be there to ensure you have a fantastic and safe time at camp.

Can I make a request to be in a cabin with my friends?

When you register to come to camp you will be able to make a request to be in the same cabin. We do our best to accommodate all the requests but on some occasions it’s not possible. In that case you will still get to spend time with your friends during the day and you will also have the great opportunity to make new friends with the people in your cabin group.

How do I request a certain Cabin Leader?

Sometimes a returning camper will request a particular Cabin Leader. Our Cabin Leaders are assigned on a random basis and it is not possible to honor those requests. This is a perfect opportunity for your camper to get to know someone new!

What is the Evening Program about?

Every evening campers head down to the Big Tent with their cabin mates. During a typical program there is a community building activity as well as a band that plays which the young people sing along with. Each of the cabins get a turn to play a part in the program. There is also a guest speaker who speaks on topics relevant to young people from a Christian perspective. At the end of the week at a special evening program, campers are given an opportunity if they wish to do so to learn more about Jesus after camp or make a commitment to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.

The evening program time is usually one of the highlights of the day for campers.

What’s camp food like?

Let’s just say that you will love the food and you definitely won’t go hungry. The food is vegetarian and we cater for those with food allergies. You must mention these allergies when you register for camp. Our camp caterers know how to make food both tasty (mouth-watering) and nutritious.

What’s the weather like?

Summer days are generally hot & humid with the odd tropical downpour. So we encourage the wearing of T-Shirts and being sun smart. Nights can be delightfully cool. Trees provide shade for the cabins which are nestled on a ridge overlooking Somerset Dam.

What happens if I get homesick?

It’s only natural to miss home but Summer Camp SQ is a fun place to be. When feelings of homesickness arise, our Cabin Leaders and Boys and Girls Directors are always available to talk with you about the feelings you are experiencing. Keeping you active and involved is the best plan and we would encourage you to stay involved. It’s natural for you to be a little homesick but it generally gets better quickly. If the homesickness persists, our Camp Director will call your parents and include them in the conversation on how to proceed.

What should I NOT bring to camp?

Please do not bring mobile phones, IPods, MP3 players, (Technology free is the aim). We like you to focus on building relationships with new friends rather than isolating yourself with headphones on. There’s plenty of time for you to engage in that at home. Camp is about you building friendships and being available to talk to others and having them feel you are available to be talked with. Due to safety and security issues we request that jewellery be left at home. Fireworks, matches, lighters, flames of all kinds, are banned during the summer months. Drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, knives, utility tools, and weapons of any kind are not allowed.

What SHOULD I bring to camp?

Refer to Packing List.